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The biggest metropolis on the Earth, Tokyo is the embodiment of Japanese technical achievements and its unique life style. Neon lights, skyscrapers, the up-to-date trains - all this symbolizes Tokyo as world's high-tech capital. Many electronic companies have offices and headquarters in Tokyo.

Tokyo has a long and glorious history. People, wishing to know more about its past should visit The Imperial Palace, Tokyo National Museum, and National Museum of Japanese History. Tokyo is the city of ancient temples - more than 4000 temples are located here.

Tokyo is world famous for its boundless variety of shops and stores. People in Tokyo are very hard-working and devoted to their company. It's the Japanese national feature. Another Japanese national symbol - fabulous cherry blossoms that attract vast crowds to the city parks in spring.

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Tokyo is a futuristic high-tech city, that attracts great number of travelers because of its enormous sights, modern and comfortable hotels for all budgets and an ability to provide the international standards of professional accommodation service.

Whenever you decide to visit Tokyo, you may be quite sure, that you will be able to find an appropriate apartments that will fit to your budget. If you are not able to speak Japanese, don't forget to use online booking system first and reserve your perfect hotel and maybe get some special rates and deals as well.

You may choose to stay in one of the Shinjuku's 3 star hotels for reasonable price. These cozy and specially designed hotels are situated on central streets of Tokyo close to the most fascinating sights and boutique shops. Shinjuku Prince Hotel and Shinjuku Washington Hotel are also well located for business opportunities. Though the last one can be appreciated for its accommodation near the train station and the Gyoen Garden ?the most beautiful and green space in Tokyo.

Grateful tourists usually mention and admire the Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Metropolitan for the breathtaking views opened up from windows of this 4 star 27-floored hotel. Set amongst ultra-modern buildings, the Holiday Inn is also famous for its world-renowned architecture. This first class hotel offers to travelers stylish, elegant and fully equipped rooms that will provide a relaxing stay.

The process of booking hotel reservations in luxury and boutique hotels is widespread. Not only because of peoples' desire of having a bright and rich life, but also because of an opportunity of staying in a superb designed hotel with dedicated service. Those tourists, who prefer spending their vacation in the most fascinating and luxury hotels, should pay attention to the Four Seasons Marunouchi Hotel, which offers a contemporary, striking staying. It possesses 57 remarkably spacious rooms with contemporary furnishings. Attentive and well organized service guarantees an enjoyable stay for every person.

Tokyo, as one of the technologically sophisticated world cities, attracts millions of travelers from all over the world. Come and feel the remarkable attraction of Tokyo hotels, sights and opportunities.

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